Jean Gilder, artist, author, illustrator. 1930 – 2019

This is a family run site in memory of our mother Jean, who died on December 29th 2019 and is sorely missed. She was an accomplished artist with her work published by the Medici Society and others. Many children have, and continue to be, inspired and enthralled by her work, and the delightful worlds and characters she created.

This site is dedicated to her memory and to keep her work alive.

About Jean

Jean was born in 1930 in London and had a happy childhood.

During World War 2 she was evacuated to St. Davids in South Wales, where she loved exploring the countryside. After the war, her family moved to Worthing, West Sussex.

While at Art College, she met James Stuchlik. He was also studying art and they married in 1949. 

Jean and James went on to buy a house, settle down and had three children.  It was when mum was in her early forties, whilst looking after the youngest, that she started painting.  Her landscapes became embellished with the animals that she loved so much and she allowed herself to escape into a world of magic and imagination.

This gave birth to her career as a children’s author and illustrator, published by the Medici Society and others, she became very successful, her books being read around the world.

This culminated when Jean was 80 years old and appeared on a TV art programme called ‘Show me the Monet’. She enjoyed the whole affair and held her own with a panel of judges who were critical of everyone but were soon won over by Jean’s gentle charm.

Jean had a life filled with love and the enchantment of the characters and places she created. Her spirit lives on in her art.

Published Works

Jean wrote and illustrated ten children’s booklets which were published by Medici Society, plus numerous story cards, posters, postcards etc. The booklets are illustrated below:

Tom Badger goes Skating

Jenny's Adventure

Tom & the Magic Rainbow

The Surprising Armchair

Tom & the Enchanted flute

The Spell that Worked

Rosie Runs Away

Jean Gilder's Picture Book

Tom Flies High

Jean Gilder's Second Picture Book

Can I still buy Jean’s work?

None of Jean’s books are currently in print. There is however, a large amount of her Medici booklets in circulation and available online via Ebay and other outlets – do hunt around, they are worth finding!

Jean Gilder 1930 – 2019 forever missed.